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The most comprehensive source for everything DIVERGENT.

Which FACTION Are You?

The Savvy Reader has made Divergent Faction twibbons available on their site!

You can choose between- Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, & Erudite.

After you’ve selected your Faction, come back here and let us know what you chose!

Pick your Faction, and get your twibbon, by clicking here.

If your not sure which Faction you belong to, take the Faction Quiz here.

Or visit our Faction pages here.


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  1. Comment

  2. I don’t have a facebook :( can’t take the quiz

  3. CANDOR! Well, I didn’t expect that, but I like it :)

  4. I got erudite

  5. Quiz keeps saying Dauntless. I’m Erudite all the way.

  6. Divergent I knew it hah

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