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{Watch} @YahooMovies Talks to ‘@Divergent’ Stars About Their Ink

Yahoo Movies shared a great new video featuring the cast of Divergent talking about their tattoos. Curious if your favorite characters and the actors who portray them share any ink? Here’s what they had to say:

Shailiene Woodley is among the many stars of “Divergent” who don’t have any tattoos, Yahoo Movies discovered during a recent press day in Los Angeles.


“I feel like I’m just beginning to write my story,” the 22-year-old actress said, explaining why she has kept her body tattoo-free thus far.


Tats are a big part of the film’s story, as the world of “Divergent” contains a heavily inked and armed faction called Dauntless.


Woodley’s Tris gets a faction tat in the film, the birds on her collar bone. But the actress gave us a rather strange reason why she has avoided permanent body art, in real life, citing a 2,500-year-old Siberian princess discovered two years ago.


“There was this woman found in ice a few years ago and she had tattoos all over her body,” Woodley pointed out. “Those tattoos represented her story. … She’s not a mother — she was a warrior, she was a fighter [we learned] based on her tattoos. For me that’s the reason I would get a tattoo,” she said, adding that her life story is just beginning.


She’s not ready yet.


Both Maggie Q and Mekhi Phifer have tats. Phifer’s is on his left arm and Q has some arm tats, too. But she also has a few… where the sun doesn’t shine.


“Some of them you can see and some of them you can’t!” she said with a giggle. “You have to be dating,” Phifer added. “You have to really matter,” Q said of the lucky few who are allowed to see her less accessible tats. (While we still couldn’t spot them through her sexy side-slit dress at the Los Angeles premiere of the film, some can be seen in promo photos from her TV show, “Nikita.”)


Like Woodley, Ansel Elgort said he simply hasn’t lived long enough to commit to permanent body art.


Theo James, who plays Four in the film, toyed with the thought but can’t seem to commit either. “I like tats. I always thought I’d have one,” he told Yahoo. “I was hoping some sort of cool thing would spurn me toward having something [tattooed] that meant something. It hasn’t happened.”


Like tatted up Dauntless faction members, Jai Courtney has some ink in real life, and showed off his inner forearm tats. While he is clearly proud of his own body art, he was quick to defend his “Divergent” co-star Miles Teller, who doesn’t have any ink. “You don’t put stickers on a Ferrari,” he deadpanned.


But sports fans and “Divergent” stars Ashley Judd and Ben Lloyd-Hughes have given tats some serious consideration.


Unlike other tatted up Kentucky Wildcats fans, Judd ultimately opted against a permanent tribute to her beloved team when she considered a cat tat in 1998. “I think that I’m a sincere and earnest enough fan that I didn’t actually have to do that in order to prove something.”


Hughes decided one drunken evening to get a tat of his favorite pro football (soccer in the U.S.) team, London’s Queens Park Rangers, on the side of is back. “I was determined to get it… I booked the time and the next day I woke up and was like, ‘I shouldn’t do this. I’m hung-over. There’s no way.’ I’m glad.”


Close call.




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