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Vote For #Divergent In Round 2 Of The #MTVMovieBrawl Now!


We did it, Initiates! We got Divergent to Round Two of the MTV Movie Brawl! The Sweet Sixteen bracket started today and we need your help again! All you have to do to vote for Divergent is CLICK HERE!

Bonus? When you vote you get to see this video:


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Keep using #Divergent and #MTVMovieBrawl on twitter and make sure you’re following us to get the latest updates. Here’s the schedule for each round:

January 13: Round 1: Fight!
January 16: Sweet Sixteen
January 20: Elite Eight
January 23: Final Four
January 27: Final Two
January 30: The Winner… Revealed!


UPDATE: Here was the result when we voted! Keep up the good work, Initiates!


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