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@VeronicaRoth Talks Filming, New Cast Members, & Dystopian Chicago!

Summit Announces Start of Production

Yesterday, (Monday, April 8th, 2013) Veronica Roth shared her excitement about the start of filming and the newest cast members!

Here’s what she had to say:

In case you haven’t seen this already, two cast members were announced/confirmed today:


Ray Stevenson will be playing Marcus, and Mekhi Phifer will be playing Max!


I’m pretty excited! I think Ray and Mekhi are spot on, great matches for the Marcus and Max in my head.


Also, yes, shooting did in fact BEGIN TODAY.


It still seems so unreal to me that any of this is happening. Every time I experience something that makes it feel more real, I go through this period of shock like I’m the kid in that David After Dentist video:





That is all.

Then today she posted this on tumblr:


It’s looking kind of dystopian in Chicago today…

It’s looking kind of dystopian in Chicago today… 


I’m sure like us, the more excited she gets, the more excited you get! Let us know what’s got you the most excited about the start of filming or what news you’re still desperate for!


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  1. I’m really looking forward to getting stills, hopefully in the near future. I just can’t wait to see the world of Divergent come to life.

  2. Seriously cannot wait for this movie! Shailene Woodley will be an excellent Tris, although I am not so excited about the guy playing Tobias. This is no place to talk about casting choices, though.
    I had just finished Insurgent when I heard about the movie, so it was great for me that I would get more Divergent before Detergent (book 3) comes out! Soooo happy about this movie!
    What’s that? You don’t care? You stopped reading this after you saw how long it was? Okay. Sorry. I’ll stop. 🙂 (Just a fangirl. I hate that term, but it is what I am.)

    • I read the whole thing and loved it! We love reading every comment! I think that once you see him all “Four-ed” up, you’ll be happy with the choice. I know that after hearing VR say that after hearing him read she couldn’t picture anyone else, I was sold. I can’t wait to see it play out! And keep these comments coming! Feel free to head to the forums and talk there too! (And bring friends!)

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