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Veronica Roth Is Coming Home!

If you’re in the Chicago area we’ve got exciting news! Veronica Roth is headed home for a visit and you might just be able to say hello. Check out this entry from her blog for more info:

This weekend I’ll be packing my bags and flying from Romania to SWEET HOME CHICAGOOOO, the Chi, Chi-Town, the Windy City, the Second City…okay, you get the point: I’m going to Chicago and I’m happy about it. I’ll be attending the NCTE/ALAN conference in Chicago! (NCTE=National Council of Teachers of English, ALAN=Assembly on Literature for Adolescents). If you are also attending, and you want to say hi, get a book signed, get me to teach you how to say “goodbye” in Hungarian (…as if I’m qualified), or hear me talk about books, you can check out these places at these times:


HarperCollins Signing, Booth #513, 10:30-11:30AM on Saturday


Anderson’s Signing, Booth #1301, 12:00-1:00PM on Saturday


“Future Worlds” Panel with Megan McCafferty, James Dashner, and Beth Revis, Grand Ballroom (2nd Floor), 12:30-1:15PM on Tuesday


Let me know if you’re going to be there and I’ll be on the lookout!

Check out the post on her blog here.


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