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Veronica Roth Does Some Q&A



Veronica Roth posted some Q&A on her tumblr last night.There’s some great info!

Here’s what we learned:

thatbitchrobin asked: Hey Veronica, I’m fairly sure I ave spoken to you on Twitter once before but I’m very curious about one thing: Will we see James Tucker again? I feel he has so much potential as a character!


VR answered: James Tucker, who tripped during the Choosing Ceremony? (Am I confusing myself?) Erm, hadn’t thought about it. Who knows?

leesbianity asked: Ooh I also do have an actual question, not just a declaration of authorly love. How old were you when you first started writing Divergent, I mean like the very first draft? I’m asking as a means of further inspiration purposes. 😀


VR answered: Sort of a tricky question— when I wrote the absolute FIRST draft, from Four’s POV, I was 18. But that was only 30 pages. So what I consider to be the real first draft, I wrote at 21.

tristinawright asked: I remember you mentioning that you originally started Divergent from Four’s perspective. Do you think you would ever release some fun scenes from his POV? Like as extras or something? I would love to read their first kiss from his POV.


VR answered: Well, I should note that when I started Divergent from Four’s perspective, it wasn’t like the Divergent you know today— Tris wasn’t even a character, and the storyline was totally different. In order to do something with Tris in it, I would have to write something completely new. As far as releasing something from his POV, I’m not sure what will happen, but I will certainly let everyone know when I am.

Sorry, that wasn’t at all encouraging, was it? Eep.

thepeacekeeper asked: Is that a hint that we may be getting Insurgent from Four’s POV? Or is it still going to be Tris? (Not that there is anything wrong with Tris)


VR answered: No, it’s still Tris!

pianisticallyfree asked: I absolutely loved Divergent! I only have one thing to ask of you. When you’re writing the rest of the trilogy, please oh please don’t kill off Tobias! I absolutely detest it when authors kill off the main character’s significant other. Your writing is absolutely amazing, hands down!


VR answered: I’m glad you liked it! As far as Tobias goes, I don’t know what will happen to him. My motto has always been “no character is safe,” but all that means is that he has the same chances as any character in the series.

meanbleanfightingmachine asked: Have you started writing the 3rd book yet?


VR answered: Not yet! Any day now, though.

yousra-bushehri asked: Hello Ms Roth, do you know how many books is going to be in your Divergent series. Of course you must know, but are you “allowed” (so to speak) to tell people how many books the series will contain?


VR answered: Hello! Yes, I am allowed to say— there will be three books. No more, no less!


All of these were posted on Veronica Roth’s tumblr. Found here.


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  1. Hello, Veronica. I’m 14 and currently in the process of writing my first novel, and have been re-writing and thinking endlessly about P.O.V issues. I have been stuck between whether to write it in first person or third person. Did you ever have the same issue when writing? Also, is their any hope for an epilogue in the 3rd installment of your series, I absolutely love your comment on “No character is safe” I use that as well. I don’t believe that a book should always resolve happily, I just believe there should be a well sealed ending (good or bad) with a bit for the reader to say what happens next. Also, when you felt like giving up, what inspired you to continue writing whether it be music, videos. etc.

  2. I dont know if u have considered this but will you put a passage or something on the aftermath of everything that was going on in your book . such as what will happen to tris and tobias will they have have a peaceful life together etc. what will happen to the other characters uriah , christina , peter , caleb .
    Just like what suzanne collins did with the end of her book mokinjay . she told of peeta and katniss having 2 kids and there was no more games going on .

  3. Hey Veronica im Madison im 13 years old and i absolutley love the divergent series! i was reading the other comments and i saw that you said you were only writing 3 books? i figured there would be 5 because there are 5 factions and on the cover of Divergent it is the Dauntless symbol, and on the Insurgent cover it is the Amity symbol. I was just curious and I just finished Insurgent and i cant wait till the next book! When do you think the next book will be released? I cant wait! your such a talented author!

  4. Hey Veronica i am a big fan of your books, and i can wait to read the third one. I am 16 years old and i love to read i read multiple series such as Hunger Games and Harry Potter. And i am currently writing a book and thinking of another. One of them i am making a short film for fun and i would love if you could watch it and give me advice. My story is science fiction and i have gotten a few negative reviews from people who read one of my drafts. If you answer this my day will be made.

  5. Hi! I just wanted to tell you I love your books I might even love them more the The Hunger Games. But I was disappointed reading the comments cause It said it was only going to be a trilogy and I was very let down. If it is true please don’t end the series like The Hunger Games with a happily ever after epilogue. Please oh please right a 4th book explaining how it all turned out. Or books from Tobias’s perspective. I personally love Tobias and would love to see him tell his story!

  6. You should rewrite the series in Fours POV so we know fours thoughts throughout the books as well as Tris’s

  7. Dear Veronica,
    To try and keep spoilers out of this, I won’t mention names but, in my opinion you should write a fourth book. I need that main character you killed off in Allegiant to come back! He/she is an amazing character that I would meet in real life. That is if they were still alive! Anyways, I (along with many members of the fandom ) would be overjoyed if you would kindly write a 4th novel. I really enjoyed the series and you are a fantastic author.
    Thanks- Emily

  8. Why can there only be three books? I really LOVED the first book and i’m about to start the second, but I don’t want it to END!

  9. Hi Veronica I’m Morgan I’m 13 and I’m a really big fan of yours! I got your books for Christmas they’re are so great and I ended up reading all three of them in three days! They were extremely amazing, inspiring and detailed. I’d never seen the movies or new there were books from Four’s perspective but I was wondering if you could make a fourth book for the main series? I know it would be hard and all with what happens in the end but it would be great if you could keep it going with some interesting twist 🙂 you really developed the characters well and I think it would be a waist to end it there and on such a sad note 🙁 If you could make a fourth one that would be great! Please answer me as soon as possible thanks 😀

  10. Dear mrs.Roth , I am 12 years old and have been thinking about writing a book , but I don’t think it will be good enough. I’m the type of girl that sits in the corner and is really shy , also not very popular . So even though it won’t be as good as yours , do you think I should write the book ? If yes , than thank you and your book will be my inspiration . If no , I thank your honesty .

    • Hi Taylor,
      I’m not sure if Veronica will respond, but since I’m so much less busy than her, I’ll butt in and give my answer: Yes, write! And don’t worry about the quality, just do it for the joy of it. Let yourself be bad at it for a while; everyone starts out as a beginner.
      Good luck, J

  11. Hi Veronica I am a huge fan of your books! I am really upset on what happened at the end of the third book. Could you have it to where she wakes up from a comma but is kidnapped but well taken care of? She could end up escaping the facility and set out a journey to find him. In the middle of the fourth book she could end up finding him but with the help of some new characters. At the end of the book tris and tobias can end up finding a way to stop the whole war or something. I really wish you didn’t end the third book that way because we have all learned to love her and to see her go like that is just over whelming. So please please please consider my idea. 🙂 thank you.

  12. Hi veronica im am curious when writing divergent did you ever think this could ever become to reality of how are social structure is set up. I think it could become I have traded divergent many time and saw the movie but is it like a squeal to it I am curious in writing my self but could u give me any tips on written by the way you is a great author look forward to more novel from you.

  13. I loved the first two books. But really didn’t like the way the last book ended. I feel that maybe there should be another book . Maybe bringing the character back. They faked it once why not twice. I think the readers will like it. I am older kids were telling me about it so I read all three one after the other. I feel u could continue it or make a part 2 to last book.

  14. Im very very upset with the end of alliegent.I read all three books and was planning on rereading them!But now i cant cause it just upsets me to know that she died.And i tjought maybe im the only one that was but im not.Many people are complaining and begging you to return tris and i am begging you make a fourth book.Pleasehave her fake her death for tobiases saftey ! I read it to be happy and now im just depressed your book ment the world to me and now .please condsider this! Pkease!

  15. Okay im not sure you know how much your third book has effected me and other readers .I find it on facebook,instagram,twitter, and theres youtube complaints your an amazing auothor and ive seen many ideas you could take to bring her back we need the closure TOBIAS AND TRIS FOREVER

  16. Hi Veronica I just want you to clarify something for me. I heard (I don’t have a physical copy) that at the back of the Divergent book in the Q&A section it says that you wrote Divergent in high school. My friend who has that copy keeps insisting that you did write it in high school even though in all interviews you’ve said you wrote it in college. My question is why does the book say that was it an error?

  17. I liked the books, seen the movie first, but I understand about how you ended it, it was sad but do you ever think about writing a fourth book where tris is alive, your fans would love that , where four finds tris alive , I’m not a big reader since I was younger, but the movie made me go out and buy the book’s, sorry I like happy endings .

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