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Veronica Roth Addresses Book 3 Title Rumors

Veronica Roth addressed a Book #3 related rumor on tumblr.

Here’s what she had to say:

I’m supposed to be on summer vacation (and I am, really), but I wanted to address something: I understand there have been some rumors going around about the title of book 3— while I can’t confirm or deny any specific rumored titles (because that would totally ruin the secrecy of the whole thing!), I can tell you that if the book had a real, official, shiny new title, you would definitely hear about it from me right away. Repeatedly. With jazz hands!


So, that is to say, any rumors that have been going around are completely unfounded.


That is all.




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  1. Uuuugh!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait till it comes out I’m dying to know the title!

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