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The Next Big Things for the #Divergent Cast

Yahoo Movies put together a list of places we can find the cast of Divergent while we all wait not so patiently for Insurgent! Here’s what they have going on:

Shailene Woodley: “Divergent” wasn’t her first Young Adult book-to-film project (see also, “The Spectacular Now”), and it won’t be her last. Shailene Woodley also leads this summer’s adaptation of John Green’s powerful and extra feely bestseller, “The Fault In Our Stars.” In it, Woodley stars as young Hazel Grace Lancaster, a cancer-stricken sixteen-year-old who finds first love in a hopeless place.


Theo James: There’ll be a couple more opportunities to tongue wag over the man who brought Four to smirky and swoonworthy screen life soon enough, as he boasts supporting roles in “Franny” — starring opposite Dakota Fanning as a pair of newlyweds — and “London Fields,” a thriller which features him as a married banker who gets caught up in a twisty, murderous love triangle.


Kate Winslet: Before she returns to break some more bad in “Insurgent,” Kate Winslet will next be seen in Alan Rickman’s period drama “A Little Chaos,” which she filmed right before she hit the “Divergent” set last year. Meanwhile, she’s also attached to star in John Hillcoat’s police corruption-slash-heist thriller “Triple Nine” alongside Aaron Paul and Michael B. Jordan, and in Kenneth Branagh’s next picture, “Guernsey.”


Ansel Elgort: Though he portrays her brother in the “Divergent” world, Ansel Elgort will next grace the big screen as Shailene Woodley’s on-screen lover — Augustus Waters, an existentialist teen whom she befriends at a cancer kids support group meeting — in “The Fault In Our Stars.” He’ll also appear in the next Jason Reitman comedy, “Men, Women & Children.”


Miles Teller: Here’s a guy whose face you should get used to seeing a whole lot more of, and soon. Because in addition to leading up the romantic comedy “Two Night Stand” and being cast as Dan Aykroyd for Steve Conrad’s untitled John Belushi biopic, Teller will also soon suit up for work as a superhero (hopefully, sans any sort of leotard). Yup, Teller has been chosen to star as Mister Fantastic in Josh Trank’s “Fantastic Four” reboot, which means the fast-talking 27-year-old is already well on his way to being a multi-franchise man.


Jai Courtney: The Aussie actor will take a break from his streak as an action hero in the making this year by appearing in a pair of historical dramas directed by famous actors: Russell Crowe’s feature length directorial debut, a historical pic titled “The Water Diviner,” and Angelina Jolie’s biopic “Unbroken.” But not to worry — he’ll jump right back into the blockbuster fold quickly enough as he was recently chosen to star as time-traveler Kyle Reese in “Terminator: Genesis.”


Zoë Kravitz: While she won’t be rejoining the “X-Men” this year, Zoë Kravitz does have quite a few other projects on the rise right now, most notably George Miller’s newest “Mad Max” installment “Fury Road.” The long-awaited post-apocalyptic sequel lands in theaters next May and in the meantime, she also stars in Andrew Niccol’s next thriller “Good Kill,” along with a pair of indie pics titled “The Road Within” and “Pretend We’re Kissing.”


Ashley Judd: Don’t look for her to head back to Chicago to film “Insurgent” (for obvious reasons), but Ashley Judd is due to continue her busy schedule this year by starring in “Dolphin Tale 2” and leading up Adriana Trigiani’s romantic flick “Big Stone Gap.”


Tony Goldwyn: In addition to being all presidential and smoldery-like on ABC’s “Scandal” — Hel-lo Fitz! — Tony Goldwyn’s behind-the-lens work directing the pilot for WE tv’s upcoming legal drama “The Divide” will also make its long-awaited debut this year.


Maggie Q: With her TV turn as a rogue assassin on The CW’s “Nikita” now finished, Maggie Q’s next small screen endeavor will be “Red Flag,” a series centered on a Chinese prostitute-turned-pirate who ran the South China Sea back in the early 1800s. She will also be featured in the financial thriller “A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island,” alongside Frank Grillo, Minnie Driver, and Dianna Agron.


Mekhi Phifer: For those that don’t have Showtime On Demand to watch Mekhi Phifer’s recent multi-arc guest stint on “House of Lies,” turn to Lifetime on April 19 to catch his newest TV movie “A Day Late and a Dollar Short,” also starring Whoopi Goldberg and Ving Rhames. He is also attached to star in a religious-slash-psychological thriller called “Asher” — a project which he blogged his extreme passionate for — alongside Danny Glover and Gina Rodriguez.


Ray Stevenson: The next stint on the big screen for Ray Stevenson will be “Big Game,” an action-adventure picture about a boy who helps rescue the President of the United States when Air Force One crashes near his campsite. Stevenson stars alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Jim Broadbent, and Onni Tommila in the film.


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