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Summit Entertainment Files a Trademark to Create Divergent Centered Games


As of January 1st, it seems that Summit Entertainment has filed for a trademark that will allow them to create various games and merchandise centered around the Divergent series. According to Cinema Blend, the trademark covers computer games, programs and software, downloadable electronic games, and even various forms of merchandise. These could be anything from backpacks to cell phone covers.

Cinema Blend‘s article also states that Summit has filed for a trademark for Insurgent as well. Odds are they will do the same for the yet to be titled third and final book due out later this year.

So how about this latest piece of news Divergent Nation? Will you be opening your wallets to stock up on any future Divergent merchandise?


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One Comment

  1. OMG!!! I’m sooooo excited now!! I can’t wait for Divergent Merch!!

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