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Read The First Two Chapters Of Insurgent!

If you haven’t gotten the paperback version of Divergent,(enter our contest to win it!) you may not have had the opportunity to read the first two chapters of Insurgent.

Today, the Official Divergent Facebook page made it available online!

Here it is! Read and enjoy!

Chapters 1 & 2 from Insurgent

Awesome, right? We can’t stop reading and spinning theories about what happens next!

Let us know your thoughts!



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One Comment

  1. I love the divergent book the first book but I really bad want insergent and I got finished divergent 1 day ago and got it 10 days ago I can wait till the movies come out and can’t wait to read more my teacher recommended this book and this book brought a light out in my I love to read now!!!!!!(atleast your books)

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