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NextMovie Interviews Veronica Roth


NextMovie interviewed Veronica Roth for Dystopian Week!


In honor of Dystopian Week — an online celebration we’re having with our friends at theFABlife and Hollywood Crush — we talked to Ms. Roth and got the scoop on her plans for “Divergent” the movie, her casting wishes and whether she’d like to show up in cameos, a la Stephenie Meyer. (We should mention that we once mistook the 22-year-old author for a movie star at a Summit party so… yes please, cameo.)


Here’s one of the questions they got the answer to:

Meyer has cameos in a few of the “Twilight” films. Is that something you want or something you’d actively avoid?

I wouldn’t say no. I think it would be so fun. And it’s not an experience you think you’re ever going to have. So, yeah, I’d like that. But I’m not like, “I must have one!”


I’d like to be one of the Dauntless trying to jump on the train. Or I guess… off the train. That would be fun. I don’t think they’d let me do that, because I’m uncoordinated and have poor balance.

To read the rest of the interview, click here.


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