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New Blog Post From Veronica Roth: Book Recommendation: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

If you’re looking to add to your summer reading list, Veronica Roth posted a book recommendation that just might help you out!

Here’s what she had to say about Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo:

I started this book in London Heathrow Airport and read it all the way through my layover in Munich and all the way to Cluj, Romania. This is saying something, because I was running on about four hours of sleep and usually when I try to read while tired I fall asleep on the book and drool all over it. Not so with Shadow and Bone, guys.

What I appreciated most was the setting of this book. It was Russia but it was not Russia. There was magic but it was a different kind of magic. There were strange, vicious creatures I’d never seen described before. There were friends and enemies and enemies who looked like friends. It was unfamiliar and imaginative and it totally played into my mental love affair with all things Eastern European while still being its own world.
I also loved Alina. First of all, she was funny, and as someone who spends all her time writing from the perspective of the deeply serious, often humorless Tris, that was really refreshing. I don’t see many funny heroines these days. She was also strong in a new way–not because she never made mistakes, or bad judgement calls (she did), and not because she could totally beat the crap out of someone (she couldn’t), but because she had a strong sense of self that carried her through some fairly difficult times. I love a good flawed-but-strong character, and I especially love when authors allow their characters to make mistakes.
The most important thing, though, was that I actually wanted to read it again once I was finished. This rarely happens to me, even when I love a book. The only reasons I really read something again are that I want to immerse myself in that world again, or that I feel like I will get something different out of the book the second time. Both of these things are true of Shadow and Bone.


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  1. I absolutely loved Shadow & Bone, I bought it the day it was released and was done in a matter of days…it was hard to put down but I had to sleep sometime! Alina is a great character, and I hope to learn more about her and Mal and Genya (my favorite of all the sub-characters)…more details about how the Darkling got the way he is would be awesome as well (would love a side story from his point of view to flesh him out a bit more). The setting was so different and new, so refreshing, and the science-as-magic idea is pretty cool! I look forward hungrily to the next chapter of the Grisha Trilogy! 🙂

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