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Lionsgate Talks Divergent Movie

While discussing ‘Hunger Games’ profits, and upcoming projects, here’s what Lionsgate CEO- Jon Feltheimer had to say about Divergent:

“We have established ourselves as the No. 1 studio in young adult franchises,” he said during the call.


Feltheimer listed other Lionsgate young-adult projects in development, based on Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” series, Erin Morgenstern’s “The Night Circus” and Patrick Ness’ “Chaos Walking” trilogy.


Feltheimer also revealed that Lionsgate is working on developing TV series based on a pair of Summit properties — the “Step Up” and “Red” franchises. He did not elaborate.

While it’s not major Divergent movie news, it still has us all kinds of excited. How about you? What scene are you most looking forward to seeing on the big screen?



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    Im really excited to see the scene where tris is almost trown over the chasm, but is saved by four. That part gave me so much adrenaline and was so thrilling.i hope they do a good job portraying that in the film. I’m also excited to see tris’s landscape.

  2. I hope that the parts that show Tobias’ and Tris’ love for each other will be portrayed correctly in the movie!

    • I hope too. That would be awfull if they arent able to portray their couple correctly

  3. More then anything, I hope that they are able to portray Tris correctly. Her fear of being too much the same and her fear of standing out too much as well. She is such a diverse character!

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