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Join Us For #DivergentTriviaTuesday!

We are starting some new features this month, and today we’re releasing news about one of them!

The first Tuesday of every month will now be known as #DivergentTriviaTuesday! Here’s how it will work:

  • Trivia will be the first Tuesday of every month from 9pm-10pm (Central Time)
  • Trivia questions will be asked via our twitter account.
  • At the end of each trivia session, a winner will be crowned and prizes will be awarded!

FAQ (Or at least what we think will be FAQ!)


Once a month isn’t enough! Why aren’t you doing it more often? We’re not sure how many people will want to participate. If we have enough interest we have no problem making this a weekly event, we’ll just see how it goes.


What kinds of questions will be asked? The questions will be about all of the released written material (Divergent, Insurgent, & Free Four), as well as questions about Veronica Roth and movie/book news!


How may questions will there be during each #DivergentTriviaTuesday? There won’t be a set number of questions. Each time will be different, depending on several factors.


How will a winner be selected? The first 5 people to answer each question correctly will be awarded the following point values- 1st- 5 points, 2nd- 4 points, 3rd- 3 points, 4th- 2 points and 5th- 1 point. At the end of the hour, points will be tallied, and a winner will be announced.


What are the prizes? The winner will have their name displayed on the Lexicon in addition to receiving a prize pack. The contents of the prize pack will vary each time. Possible contents include- copies of the books, divergent tattoos, divergent themed jewelry, divergent themed crafts, etc.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Leave a comment below and an answer will be given!

The first #DivergentTriviaTuesday will be this week- 7/3/2012

Now the only question is… Who’s joining us?!?


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  1. I am!! This sounds like a fabulous idea!

  2. I would love to join, but that’s at 4am in my time zone, so unfortunately I can’t…

  3. I’m totally joining! This will be so much fun!

  4. I so am! I love the Divergent series so much!

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