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‘Insurgent’ Promotion…Team #Amity

This morning started off as just another Monday, and let’s be honest Mondays aren’t always the greatest. But that all changed with the ring of the doorbell. When I answered the door, this is what I found outside:

Insurgent Box

I’m still shaking with excitement. Seriously.

Now here’s the question I’m sure all of you are asking. Why did I get a copy? And here’s the answer.

Harper Collins selected five bloggers to lead faction teams in an ‘Insurgent’ fan-driven promotion/click-through challenge. We are beyond excited and honored that The Divergent Lexicon was selected to lead Team Amity!

Here are the other team leaders:

Here’s how it’s going to work:
Starting Monday April 2nd, the five sites above, (including us!) will lead faction teams in a click-through challenge. In addition to the team leader’s blogs, each team will have 9 other bloggers (54 total!) inducted into their faction. Those bloggers will also receive a copy of the highly coveted Insurgent ARC.  The team members (who have already been selected by Harper Collins) will be announced on Choosing Ceremony day, Monday April 2nd.
Each faction team will then compete against each throughout the month of April to see who can generate the most reader traffic. We’ll have more information on how you can support Team Amity next week when everything kicks off.
Stay tuned for various events here and on our other team members sites as well! It’s going to be an amazing month and we can’t wait to share it with all of you! We’re hoping it helps speed up the wait for the release of Insurgent on May 1st!
Make sure you’re following us on twitter and facebook, as well as our new Team Amity tumblr, which can be found by clicking here.

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  1. That’s awesome! Is there some kid of recruitment from bloggers that wish to participate must fill or are they handpicked?

  2. GO Amity! If there’s any way I can help promote Amity too, I’ll definitely be doing that.

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