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First Look at #Divergent Movie!

Entertainment Weekly Shares First Look at Divergent


Here it is, Initiates! Your first look at the Divergent movie:



We’ve had so much fun sharing in the excited with all of you on twitter, we can’t wait to hear everyone’s reactions, leave them hear or come jump up and down with us on twitter! @DivergentNation!



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  1. Is she wearing Abnegation grey?

  2. waaaaaaaahhhhhh <3 _____<

  3. Interesting…knife throwing scene I’m guessing. The set looks really good, very futuristic. I’m a little disappointed about her hair, I thought it would have been a little blonder, but all in all I’m excited to have stills already.

  4. So excited! It looks like this movie is going to be really well made…

  5. CAN”T WAIT!!!

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