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First Day of #Divergent Production Appears to Be Set for Tomorrow in Chicago!

Divergent Production Set for April 1st in Chicago

It’s hard to believe that it’s finally here, but all signs are pointing to tomorrow, April 1st, as Divergent first day of filming! Let’s hope it’s not an April Fool’s prank! 😉 A Chicago resident named Matthew via OLV shared a notice he received about filming in the area, seen here. Signs have been posted at an empty lot at 600 South Wells Street in Chicago and thanks to awesome Twitter-er @memyselfmoi, we have an image of the sign. It appears the location is reserved from 6am April 1st through 6pm on April 12th. Eek!

Divergent Filming Location in Chicago

Our friends at Divergent Fans also have more information plus some great images of the empty lot at 600 S. Wells St up on their site! There’s even a train station nearby!

If you live in Chicago and feel like scoping out Divergent filming, under the working title of Catbird, tweet us at @DivergentNation or email us at [email protected]!

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