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Fansite @Divergent Set Report Preview: The Fansites Take on Chicago

movienewsBack in May 2013, Divergent Lexicon had the amazing opportunity to visit the set of Divergent in Chicago. We got to hang out with several fan-sites, visit locations from the books like the Navy Pier, and of course meet and interview the cast of the film.

  • First things first: When we arrived on the set, Shailene Woodley was filming the scene when she jumps on the train for the first time following the choosing ceremony. Because the size of the set, we were seated in the adjacent set, which happened to be the massive Pit set, with headphones so that we could hear what was going on. I kept finding myself getting distracted by everything in the Pit however, as we sat there. It was still under construction but let me just say that what you see in the film has very little green screen action. They seriously built that whole massive space from ground up. It’s gorgeous and I know it will be stunning in the film.
  • The Train: Once they had stopped filming to break for lunch, we were granted access to the train car they had just been using. It was incredible and the attention to detail was unbelievable. On the walls were the routes of all of the trains that we modified to fit Veronica Roth’s world and the locations of all of the factions in the city. At the bottom of each one was this quote:

    “Brought to you by Abnegation. Our humble service maintains stability.”

How awesome is that? The fact that no one will probably be able to see that while watching the movie, but Neil Burger still thought to put that in just shows how much he gets this series.

On another wall were the “permits” and they even featured the years that the permits were issued, giving us an idea of when Veronica Roth’s series is set.

Year 2145-2150

  • #TheosPear: So, remember that random and crazy time that Theo James ate a pear and it went viral? We do too. Theo’s interview was definitely the one that we were all looking forward to and BOY did we get a treat! Out comes Theo in full Dauntless costume (tattoos included). ALL THE SWOONS. Throughout the interview he was munching on a pear but when he got called back to set, he accidently left it behind. Leave it to us professional fangirls to freak out and ask the Summit folks if we could get away with snapping a quick picture. Their response? “Um, sure…if you really want to?” Who knew that a half-eaten pear would have Twitter accounts created for it? But the best part had to be when Theo came back for part two of his interview and says “Oh, my pear!” then when he left for good, he asked if anyone wanted the pear. Oh Theo, if you only knew.

  • Concept Art: Ever wanted to see movie stills from a movie before the movie is released? That’s exactly what being in the concept art room in the Divergent production offices is like, except the movie hasn’t even finished being made yet. It was incredible and to see those images come to life in the trailers and TV spots we’ve seen have been so cool!

Check back with us starting tomorrow as we will be posting our interviews with the cast! First up tomorrow at 10:00am EST is the man himself, part one of our interview with Theo James!

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