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#Divergent’s Shailene Woodley Covers @THR


Our Tris, Shailene Woodley, is on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter this month. It contains some gorgeous new pictures of her as well as a great interview.

Here are a few of our favorite parts:

On her approachableness:

Right before the White Bird premiere, Sundance festival director John Cooper stops by backstage to congratulate Woodley. He goes in for the handshake, but she outmaneuvers him with a low body hug. He seems genuinely startled.
Later, after I receive my first of many Woodley hugs, I ask her about this habit. After all, most stars on the red carpet interact with reporters the way they endure a customs official with body language that says, “I will answer your questions carefully and pretend to like you, but this is about as much fun for me as picking gum off the bottom of my Louboutins.” By contrast, Woodley sees the press gantlet as an opportunity to transcend surface-level chitchat. She explains: “We’ve got a set amount of time in our lives, you know. You might as well make every conversation count. So that’s like the hug. It’s kind of like, ‘Hey, I’m real. You’re real. Let’s connect.’ “

On losing out on jobs early in her career:

Along the way, she had her share of disappointments, like losing out to Dakota Fanning for the drama I Am Sam at age 9. Recalls Woodley: “My dad pulled me aside, and he said: ‘Shai, what are you doing? You have so much anger, and you’re feeling so let down by the fact that you didn’t book [this]. I want you to close your eyes right now and picture this Dakota girl, and I want you to send her so much love and so much light because one day you’re going to book something that you really want, and you’re not going to want all of the girls around you that you competed against to feel anger against you. You’re going to want them to support you on your journey. And so it’s your turn right now to support Dakota on her journey.’ And so I did that.”

 Laura Dern On Shai:

Which is not to say she hasn’t made a few good friends in the business. When Laura Dern was shooting the upcoming tearjerker Fault in Our Stars opposite Woodley, the pair quickly bonded over their shared experience as former child actors with fierce hands-on mothers. Dern recalls one of their many dinners near the Pittsburgh shoot and delivers a spot-on Woodley impression.
“Shailene’s like, ‘Hey, wow!’ Big open smile,” says Dern. ” ‘God, great, I looked at your menu. It’s so awesome. Hey, what kind of oil do you guys cook in? Oh, you do? Hmm, you never use beef fat from sustainable farms where it’s grass-fed? Oh wow, you guys are open to that? Cool. Can we have a tour of your kitchen?’ ”
The next thing Dern remembers is touring a meat locker in the restaurant’s basement, discussing how to cut the cattle in the most honorable way and how to use every part of the animal. “People might think they’re saving the planet, taking half steps,” says Dern. “Shailene is taking it to such a different level.”
Dern says the two actresses have become so close that she considers Woodley a member of her family. “There are times when I have called my house when out of town and found out that Shailene’s over here making dinner with my children,” she says.

And take a look at the beautiful pictures (some include Veronica Roth too!)

As if all that wasn’t enough… how about a video too? Watch it here:

What do you think, Initiates? Did it make you fall even more in love with our Tris than before?

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