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{#Divergent Soundtrack} Song Debut: Snow Patrol “I Won’t Let You Go”

Today Refinary29 exclusively revealed a new Divergent Soundtrack song.  You can listen and fall in love with Snow Patrol’sI Won’t Let You Go”.

Here’s what they had to say:

Without giving in to hyperbole, there may be no film as epically anticipated in 2014, en masse, as Divergent. The post-apocalyptic series has all the makings of a major event, including the die-hard following, an incredibly capable star, intense and dramatic teenage love, and a whole heap of new music by some of 2014’s best artists. We’ve already been treated to an incredible jam by Ellie Goulding, who is all over the soundtrack, but today we have another major anthem from U.K. group Snow Patrol. Both this song and Goulding’s seem to fit just right into the Divergent narrative. “I Won’t Let You Go” is a big, anthemic track that promises, amongst prodding drums and an electric bass, that with great risk comes great reward — and that Gary Lightbody assures that he is in it to win it with the mysterious “you” to whom he is singing. This is not a song about a fleeting romance, but about being committed to a cause. (Possible backdrop for Tris’ Dauntless training, with those strong drums? We can only hope.)

If the movie is half as evocative and fun as the soundtrack is panning out to be, we’re already planning our trip to a futuristic Chicago dystopia (as ill-advised as that may be).



What do you think, Initiates? Where in the movie could you see this song? Check out more on the Divergent soundtrack here.

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