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{#Divergent Movie News}: The @Divergent Butter Knife Scene Is Here! (@YahooMovie)

Initiates, you’ve been asking and they’ve been listening. You can now see the infamous Divergent butter-knife scene. Yahoo Movies revealed the previously unseen clip today. Check it out here:


One of most memorable scenes from the YA novel Divergent was actually filmed for the big-screen adaptation released in theaters last March — but did not appear in the final cut.  Now, thanks to an exclusive first-look at a bonus feature included in the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of the movie, fans can experience the harrowing spectacle of Edward’s eye stabbing.


The scene begins with Tris (Shailene Woodley) abruptly awakening in her Dauntless sleeping barracks to the sound of guttural wails. She and Christina (Zoë Kravitz) soon find Ed (Ben Lamb) with a knife protruding from his bloodied left eye. “Pull it out. Get it out!” he shrieks. Panic ensues as the group of recently slumbering young warriors struggle with what to do next. As Tris comforts Ed, who is gasping for air, she looks up to find a suspicious character stepping out from the shadows: Peter (Miles Teller).


It’s one of a few brutal sequences from the book that didn’t make the transition to film — undoubtedly to preserve the movie’s ever-important PG-13 rating.


You can find more to this clip — along with additional deleted scenes and bonus features — on the Blu-ray and DVD.


Divergent is now available in digital HD, and the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack goes on sale Aug. 5. A free Divergent iPad app also offers hours of more behind-the-scenes moments.

What do you think? A lot of Divergent fans were upset that the scene didn’t make the final cut of the movie. Now that you have it, do you see why? Are there other scenes you missed that you’re hoping to see on the DVD? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I can see now for sure why they left that out – they were trying to preserve their rating. However it is a pretty crucial plot point as it sets up a lot of the later animosity in the books.

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