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[email protected] Is No. 1— And @ENews Gives Reasons Why

E! News put together a collection of reasons why Divergent has succeeded where some other YA adaptions have failed. Here’s part of what was one their list:

1. The Best YA Heroine Yet: With much respect to Ms. Everdeen, Tris’ character arc is very layered. She starts off in Abnegation, the faction that puts the needs of others first, a group she never really fit into. Zip lining down through downtown Chicago while while screaming with joy proves Tris was right when selecting Dauntless. Her change from wallflower to living for the spectacular now feels earned.
2. No Arrows Needed: Both Katniss and Tris have pin-point accuracy when it comes to ranged weapons, but only Tris is brave enough to let hunky Four (James) take aim at her.
3. Better To Be In Four’s Company Than Three: One of the most refreshing aspects is the romance: There is no silly love triangle. From the start, Tris and Four seem meant for each other. The getting-to-know-each other scenes work well since Woodley and James ignite onscreen. Jacobs and Gales need not apply.
4. Choose Before It’s Too Late: If you could only use Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat which would you choose? We would choose the Candor app to be upfront about everything 24/7.
5. Dystopian Chicago: Setting the story in an actual city as opposed to unclear Districts works. Seeing how Lake Michigan has dried up adds to the isolated feel that roots the film in a shaky (but no shaky cam!) future.
6. Disguised Divergents:. For gamers, being Divergent is akin to cheat codes. So when Tris has to undergo fear simulations while being monitored, she can’t just go all X-Men. She has to pretend that the experience is absolutely real, and power through the simulations as a Dauntless would.
7. No Mirrors or Burgers for Abnegation: The beginning is more 1984 more than anything by Suzanne Collins. Tris finds life in abnegation to be a very boring existence. Tris only gets use a mirror when she gets her haircut. Obviously, no selfies.



It goes without saying that our favorite part on this list was, “Jacobs and Gales need not apply.” What about you? Do you agree with E! or would you put something different on the list?

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