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Choosing Ceremony Day- Meet #TeamAmity

Hello #DivergentNation! Last Monday I told you all about the Insurgent promotion we are involved with, in this post.

Today it all starts, and because you’re reading this post, you’re lucky enough to get a behind the scenes view of Choosing Ceremony day, Amity style.

Bread & Apples Nothing beats a fresh picked breakfast.

The View
We left this view behind for a couple of hours & headed into the city.

Our ride doesn’t look like much, but the fun we have on the way always makes up for it.

The Hub
Here’s The Hub. We’re excited to see who chooses to leave with us today.

At the end of the ceremony we were lucky enough to have 9 initiates choose Amity.

Here they are:

ALBBBA Life Bound By Books

ATUFAll Things Urban Fantasy

BRTDBetter Read Than Dead

ERREmily’s Reading Room

FYAForever Young Adult

HBABHippies, Beauty, & Books. Oh MY!

ISFOI Swim For Oceans

Princess Bookie

Steph Su Reads

So there they are, Team Amity. Beautiful, right? Now that you’ve met them we’ve got a job for you.

We need your support. All you have to do is click on this link. Do it a lot. Maybe multiple times a day, or even several times an hour. By clicking the link you are supporting Team Amity.

There’s lots of reasons why Amity is the team to support. We’re peaceful, we have music, food & games, and if you need another reason, Four thinks we’re beautiful. If you stick with us and support our team we promise to give back generously. We have A LOT of events and giveaways planned for the month of April. You’re not going to want to miss anything.

So that’s it, click this link and then stay tuned here & on twitter for some awesome giveaways and events.

If you want to share our link on twitter or you’re own blog, here it is:


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