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Divergent Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter 27
Chapter BriefThe one where Tris is embarrassed.

Page Numbers339 to 345 (US Hardcover)


  • Tris wakes-up happy and unable to stop smiling after her previous night with Tobias(Four).
  • She goes to the dining hall and sits in her usual seat with Christina, Uriah, & Will.
  • When Tobias(Four) walks in, he’s cut his hair (more like the Abnegation), but he doesn’t acknowledge Tris.
  • She is mad that he seems to be ignoring her.
  • The dauntless-born and faction-transfer initiates go through Lauren’s fear landscape as a practice.
  • When it’s Tris’s turn she panics and Four stops the simulation. He yells at her in front of everyone.
  • She slaps him and leaves the room.

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