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Divergent Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter 26
Chapter BriefThe one with a kiss.

Page Numbers333 to 338 (US Hardcover)


  • Tris and Four walk hand in hand to the Pit. The take a narrow path that leads to the rocks at the bottom of the chasm.
  • She ask him what his aptitude test results were and he tells her that it was as expected, Abnegation.
  • He tells her that he left Abnegation to get away from Marcus.
  • He tells her that he thinks that being “selfless and brave aren’t all that different.”
  • She asks why he watches her, he lies at first, but then tells her that he “watches her because he likes her.”
  • He also tells her to call him Tobias, not Four.
  • Tris is surprised by his declaration and questions him.
  • After responding to her, he kisses her.
  • She’s unsure of herself at first, but then relaxes and kisses him again.
  • She thinks that “if they had both chosen differently, they might have ended up doing the same thing, in a safer place, wearing gray instead of black.”

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