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Divergent Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter 24
Chapter BriefThe one with a funeral.

Page Numbers301 to 315 (US Hardcover)


  • Christina wakes Tris up and tells her that something happened to Al.
  • The two of them run to the chasm where they see Al’s body being hoisted over the ledge.
  • Before Al’s funeral, Tris spends time with Tori.
  • During the funeral Tris stands with Will, Christina, & Uriah. She gets in a fight with Molly and Will breaks it up.
  • Eric gives a speech about Al, saying that his suicide was brave.
  • Tris gets upset that the Dauntless are saying that Al’s actions were courageous, and leaves the funeral.
  • She goes to the water fountain and Four calls her name.
  • The two of them talk and he warns her that she needs to be careful because “they are watching her.”
  • He tells her that he likes watching her, that she fascinates them.
  • The two of them stand together in an embrace and continue talking about Al.
  • Four kisses her forehead and they stand that way for a long time.

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