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Divergent Chapter Eighteen

Chapter 18
Chapter BriefThe one with the simulations.

Page Numbers227 to 241 (US Hardcover)


  • The Dauntless-born and transfer initiates begin Stage 2 of initiation. They train together during this stage.
  • They are all sitting in a hallway. One by one Four calls them back into a room.
  • When it is Tris’s turn she realizes that the room is a simulation room. Four explains to her that the simulation teaches the initiates to face their fears and learn to control their emotions.
  • Right before Tris enters the simulations Four whispers, “Be brave, Tris.”
  • Tris’s fear in her first simulation involves a swarm of crows. When she is finally able to end the simulation by calming down, she comes out of it shaken up.
  • Four offers to take her out the back door and back to the initiate dormitory. They talk on the way.

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