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Divergent Chapter Seventeen

Chapter 17
Chapter BriefThe one with an initiation ritual.

Page Numbers209 to 226 (US Hardcover)


  • Tris spends some time alone in a hallway. She doesn’t want to go back to the dormitory because it reminds her of what happened to Edward.
  • Uriah finds Tris in the hallway and invites her to come with him and the Dauntless-born initiates on a “field-trip.” She goes.
  • Gabe, Zeke, Shauna, Lynn, Uriah, Tris, & a bunch of the Dauntless members go zip-lining off of the Hancock Building.
  • When they get back, Christina, Al & Will are all waiting for her.
  • Al tells Tris that while she was gone, there was an Erudite member there asking questions about Abnegation leaders. Christina told her there were more important things for him to be doing.
  • Tris can tell her friends are slightly jealous of her trip with the Dauntless-born initiates.
  • When she looks over at them she realizes that for the first time she is really eager to be one of them.

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