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Divergent Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16
Chapter BriefThe one where they are ranked.

Page Numbers189 to 208 (US Hardcover)


  • After her mom leaves, Tris goes back to the Dormitory. Al is also there and when Tris tells him that his parents were looking for him he tells her that he doesn’t want them to see him because he will have to tell them how he’s doing.
  • Tris realizes that Al has feelings for her and she lets him down gently. He’s embarrassed.
  • That night at dinner Christina, Al, & Will talk about the Aptitude test. Christina can tell Tris is lying about killing the dog because she fidgets when she lies.
  • Tris tells them that she didn’t kill the dog, that her aptitude test result was Abnegation, and she chose Dauntless.
  • When they go back to the Dormitory, Four is there with the rankings for Stage 1. He tells them that the cuts will be announced the next day.
  • The rankings for Stage 1 are: 1. Edward 2. Peter 3. Will 4. Christina 5. Molly 6. Tris 7. Drew 8. Al 9. Myra
  • While they are sleeping that night someones stabs Edward in the eye with a knife. The only initiates missing are Drew and Peter.
  • Tris tries to keep Edward calm and once he is taken to the Medical Area, she and Christina try and clean the blood off the floor in the Dormitory.
  • Tris and Will take a walk together. He quotes part of the Dauntless manifesto to her.
  • When they get back to the Dormitory they see that Myra and Edward’s bunks and drawers are empty. Christina tells them that they quit. Two of the Dauntless-born initiates were also cut, which allows the remaining seven transfers-initiates to stay.

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