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Divergent Chapter Fifteen

Chapter 15
Chapter BriefThe one with Visiting Day.

Page Numbers175 to 188 (US Hardcover)


  • It’s Visiting Day.
  • Eric visits the Initiates Dormitory and tells them that if their families visit, they are to remember that the rule: Faction Before Blood. 
  • Al is missing.
  • Drew & Molly’s families do not show up. Peter’s do.
  • Will’s sister, Cara, visits him.
  • Christina’s Mom and sister visit her.
  • Al’s parents are there and looking for him, he doesn’t show up.
  • Tris’s Mom, Natalie, visits her.
  • Tris is happy to see her mom. Natalie tells her that she isn’t allowed to visit Caleb because the Erudite are not letting any Abnegation into their compound.
  • Tris introduces her mom to Four. Tris can tell that Four was a faction transfer because shaking hands does not come naturally to him.
  • Tris introduces her mom to Christina and Will. Cara, Will’ssister, is rude to Tris and Natalie.
  • Natalie leads Tris away from everyone and into a dark hallway. She asks Tris questions about her training , and about her results from the Aptitude test. She warns her to stay in the middle of the pack during phase two and not to draw attention to herself. She also asks her to visit Caleb after initiation ends, and ask him to research the simulation serum.
  • Before she leaves, Natalie tells Tris to have a piece of cake for her and tells her that the chocolate is delicious.
  • Tris realizes that her mom was Dauntless.

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