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Unnamed Characters

unnamed characters

(in order of appearance in Divergent)

Candor Man on BusWears a black suit and white tie. Caleb gave him his seat on the bus.

Erudite Boy at SchoolWears a blue sweater. Shoves Tris in the Hallway at school.

Girl at School with Long Curly Brown HairShouts near Tris’s ear and accidentally smacks her with her jacket sleeve.

Factionless ManWears ragged brown clothing. his skin sags around his jaw. He has a raspy voice, a gap between his front teeth, and a gray molar with a dark put in the side. Tris gives him a bag of dried apples when he asks for food. He then warns her to choose her faction wisely.

Erudite Boy16 year old with red hair. He chose Dauntless at the Choosing Ceremony and then failed to board the train.

Amity Boy16 year old with olive skin and a brown shirt. He was panicking and crying on the train, refused to jump off on to the roof.

Dauntless BoyHolds Rita’s waist on rooftop to keep her from falling.

Rita’s SisterFalls and dies when jumping off the train onto the rooftop.

Amity NurseNurse at the city hospital with a yellow shirt and clean fingernails. She set Natalie’s broken arm when Tris was six.

Dauntless NurseLots of piercings

Dauntless GuardsGuarding the fence, pull the door open for Amity truck.

Amity ManDrives truck through the fence. he has a hat, a beard, and is smiling.

Amity MembersSit in the back of truck that is filled with apples.

Female Dauntless GuardTalks to Four and has a gun on her shoulder.

Amity GirlSits in back of truck playing a banjo and singing with a warbling voice.

Dauntless MembersPlay capture the flag with initiates.

Dauntless Born InitiatesPlay capture the flag

Older Dauntless MemberPlays capture the flag with initiates has a quadruple pierced eyebrow

Guard for Eric’s Capture the Flag TeamShort with purple hair

Al’s MomShort and round. Wears black and white

Al’s DadTall and built like a boulder

Dauntless FamiliesPierced and tattooed

Peter’s DadHas bushy eyebrows and a loud voice. Doesn’t look like Peter.

Peter’s MomMeek-looking with red hair. Doesn’t look like Peter.

Christina’s MomDark skin, wears black and white

Christina’s SisterYoung

Erudite ResearcherAsking the Dauntless about Abnegation Leadership

Dauntless Born Initiates and MembersParticipating in the ziplining tradition

Dauntless ManBud gives him a lion tattoo

Two Dauntless MenFighting with sticks in the Glass Building above the pit

Two Dauntless MenPull Al’s body out of the chasm

WomanPlain looking. In Four’s Fear Landscape he has to kill her every time.

Erudite ManSitting at front desk of the Erudite Library. He’s young.

Erudite GuardsFind Tris and take her to Jeanine. One walks behind her and one leads her into the library.

Jeanine’s LackyMan in a blue collared shirt and sunglasses. He drives Tris back to Dauntless Headquarters in a sleek silver solar powered car.

Dauntless WomanHas blue hair. Helps Eric administer the “tracking serum” after the Fear Landscape.

Abnegation ManCouncil member killed by Tori during the war simulation.

Female Dauntless LeaderWith Eric during the war simulation. Tris thinks she might be a Dauntless Leader because she tells Eric he can shoot Four.

Dauntless SoldiersStand guard at Jeanine’s “office” in Abnegation HQ.

Dauntless SoldiersProtect Jeanine when Four attacks her. They shove him to the ground and pin him there.

Dauntless SoldiersTwo men who take Tris to room B13 in Abnegation HQ. She bites one of them and he knocks her out.

Natalie’s MomTris’s grandmother. When Natalie was 16 she told her to chose a safer faction because she was Divergent.

Dauntless SoldiersKill Natalie while she protects Tris.

3 Dauntless SoldiersPursue Tris. (One of them is Will)

Dauntless GuardsStand Guard of the Control Room in Dauntless HQ.

Divergent GuardJerks his chin to the side and lets Tris pass. He’s pretending to be a “sleepwalker” like the rest of the guards.